How could I have already forgotten?

I wanted to update you on my Monday but I honestly really had to think of what I actually did. I woke up early and went to the gym. On the way I had a Luna bar. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and Day 3 of the Jamie Eason LiveFit workout. I don’t really follow this program to the “T” but I use it whenever I go to lift weights.

Today my legs are a tad bit sore today 🙂 When I got home from the gym I had a smoothie with the following ingredients plus spinach I added at the last minute. I don’t measure otherwise I would give you guys a recipe. I just throw everything in my magic bullet. I also meant to take a picture of the results but I ate it before I realized I didn’t take a pic! After my smoothie I got ready for my half day of subbing. I subbed in a 4th grade classroom. The day went well except one of my students asked me to go to the nurse and threw up on the way. I instantly felt like I caught the flu. I have been using lots of hand sanitizer! After work I came home and walked the pup. I try to give him two  short walks a day.

Aaron and I then went grocery shopping for the week and to Party City for our costumes and some decorations for our party on Friday. I wanted to be Danny and Sandy from Grease but Aaron thought it was lame….plus he insists on wearing his Goodwill suit every year? Last year we were Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. This year we are going to be devils. We like to plan our meals on Sunday but this week is kind of crazy with Aaron’s work schedule. We planned a couple meals but the other nights we will just eat what we find (tonight its eggs, spinach, and cheese in a tortilla). Aaron  chose the meals this week. He chose these chicken enchiladas. We have made these 3 times now and he still requests them. He also requested Jambalaya bake….I will post the recipe on a later date. Tonight we have puppy class. I’m really excited but I also get a little nervous because I don’t want Graham to be the naughty or slow puppy in the class….I’m sure I’ll be a crazy mother!


Where did the weekend go?

My Sunday went by too fast but was spent hanging out with wonderful people (minus Aaron who had a 13 hour work day). My friend Sarah brought over Caribou coffee Sunday morning because I was making her pumpkin pancakes from this wonderful mix:

We topped them with Earth Balance, Trader Joes pumpkin butter, and syrup. I served them with some Honey Crisp apples I got from the orchard this week. It was a beautiful day in Minnesota yesterday with the high in the low 70’s! We took Graham for a 3 mile walk. We found out that 3 miles is a little much for a puppy so I had to carry him part of the way.

After my lovely morning with Sarah I went to a restaurant named Fireside to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary! 50 years is sure something to celebrate! The food at the restaurant was fantastic. Everyone loved their food. I had a bruschetta chicken sandwich and fries. Yum! After lunch we had cake to celebrate. Here is a picture of the cute couple 🙂

Don’t mind the terrible photography skills again! I was so full from my lunch but I still hadn’t gotten my run in. I sucked it up and ran with a full tummy. Very uncomfortable! I ended up doing 4.36 miles with a pace of 8:48. I was so happy to be able to wear shorts and a tshirt and not be freezing my butt off. When I got home from my run I worked on raking leaves with this little guy. So handsome.

I was still really full and uncomfortable from lunch so I wasn’t ready for dinner when Aaron came home. I made him a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and I had some Trader Joes Candy Cane Green Tea that I bought last winter to try and soothe my tummy. The rest of the night we just lounged around and relaxed. Have a great Monday!

Clearly I need some blog formatting tricks? Any suggestions?

My Life Now Revolves Around my Dog



Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Saturday! I am bummed that it’s already Sunday. Aaron worked all day yesterday (and today :(). Yesterday, after the vet, Graham had his first trip to the dog park!! I was a little bit nervous to let him free to play with big dogs but he did fantastic! We went with my friend Janelle and her pup Quint. It seems like yesterday Quint was just a little puppy and now he is huge!
The second we got it in the car Graham fell asleep. For lunch I had Trader Joes pumpking Greek yogurt with a scoop of peanut butter, some apple, flax-seed, a little Love Grown granola, and a little pumpkin spice granola from Trader Joes. If you have not yet tried the pumpkin Greek yogurt drive to the nearest Trader Joes ASAP and get some. So good! I am also into this:

We have tried another flavor too. It was banana something. This is my alternative until my Trader Joes almond butter no longer has a recall.

When we got home my little cousins came over to see Graham. They then bribed me to take them to Cherry Berry (it didn’t take much). I got lemon cake frozen yogurt with white chocolate chips, mangos, graham cracker chunks, and almonds. I also added a couple candy corn on top just because I wanted to eat them separately. I need to start taking pictures! I then attempted to rake. I got about half of our front yard done and then called it quits. I finally got my butt out to run! I am still taking it easy until I jump right back into marathon training again. I ran 4 miles with a pace of 8:42. It was about 58 degrees and sunny. Perfect running weather in my mind.

After my run Aaron came home and we went to El Loro, my go to Mexican restaurant with his sister Lauren, who is home from college in Duluth. Of course I didn’t think to take a picture but I had a lot of chips and salsa, a margarita, and the taco salad. Their taco salad is fantastic, not the healthiest, it comes in a deep-fried shell and has lettuce, tomato, cheese sauce, guac, cheese, chicken, beans, and peppers. Yummo! We then went home to play with Graham and hit the hay early. Hope you have time to relax this Sunday!

Happy Weekend!!

Ahhh the weekend! I love weekends at home when I don’t have many plans. Aaron is working 12 hour days for the next 24 days so we don’t have many plans for the next couple weeks. Yesterday I was off due to MEA. I did a lot of cleaning and tried a new cookie recipe so Aaron could bring some to the guys at work. My mom and I also made the trek to Aamodt’s Apple Orchard and Saint Croix Vineyard to get some apples and do a wine tasting 🙂 Last night we went over to our friends Kristin and Jason’s and had some taco chili. It was so good. I have not yet gotten into the habit of taking pics everywhere I go so I don’t have a pic yet!

This is the chocolate chip cookie recipe I used. Aaron said that he wanted chewy cookies so I typed that into pinterest and they led me to this recipe from Apple a Day. The only thing I  did differently was use chocolate chunks instead of chocolate chips. I also cooked mine about 10-13 minutes. All ovens are different! The recipe said it makes 3 dozen. Mine made 2 dozen plus 2 cookies. I think that means I ate 10 cookies worth of dough!!!

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies
barely adapted from Apple a Day who barely adapted it from Anna Olson, Food Network Canada.


3/4 cp. softened unsalted butter

3/4 cp. brown sugar

1/4 cp. granulated sugar

1 egg

2 tsp. vanilla extract

2 cp. all purpose flour

2 tsp. baking soda

2 tsp. cornstarch

1/2 tsp. salt

1 1/2 cup chocolate chunks


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

2. In a bowl mix together butter and sugars. Add egg and vanilla.

3. Mix in flour, cornstarch, baking soda, and salt. Mix. Fold in chocolate chips.

4. Using a cookie scoop drop dough onto cookie sheet

5. Bake for 10-13 minutes or until golden brown on the edges.

6. Let cool on a wire rack for 5 minutes. Makes about 2 1/2 dozen. Enjoy with a cold glass of milk!

Clearly I have fantastic photography skills 😉

I also had a little photo session with Graham in our front yard. It actually only took me 3 times to get a good picture. Happy Fall!

This morning Graham and I went to the vet to get his last round of puppy shots. He is now 23.9 pounds! For breakfast I had this wonderful combination along with a cafe mocha:

Today I am hopefully going to get in a run (trying to find the motivation), go to the dog park with Graham and a friend, go out to dinner with Aaron, and hopefully carve pumpkins. Have a fun filled and relaxing Saturday!!!



Let the fun begin!!!!

Hello blogger world!

My name is Andrea. You can read more about me on the About page 🙂
I have been reading food and healthy living blogs for about a year now and have been inspired to start my own blog! I am going to be posting about my fitness, my love for food, and telling you all about my life. Thats what blogging is all about isn’t it! Bear with me while I try and figure out this whole blogging thing….it has taken me about an hour to figure out how to publish  my first post!

Lets start by introducing you to a very important person and a very cute little pup that I live with!


This is our pup Graham. He is a Golden Retriever and we got

This is Aaron, my boyfriend, and I in Duluth a couple weeks ago!

The main inspiration for starting my blog now is that I signed up for Team Determination last night! Team Determination is a group of people who train to run either a marathon or half marathon while working together to raise money for the American Cancer Society. I have chosen to sign up for the marathon! This is my second one (completed my first a couple weeks ago, more on that later). I figured I love running and why not run to raise money for cancer, something that has greatly affected my family and almost every other family out there. I have chosen to run in honor of my Grandpa Johnson and my uncle Scott who both have passed away from cancer. I am very excited to keep you up to date on my journey with this great organization. Here is the video that they showed us at the information meeting. Very inspiring. Enjoy!

That’s all for now. x0x0