My Life Now Revolves Around my Dog



Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Saturday! I am bummed that it’s already Sunday. Aaron worked all day yesterday (and today :(). Yesterday, after the vet, Graham had his first trip to the dog park!! I was a little bit nervous to let him free to play with big dogs but he did fantastic! We went with my friend Janelle and her pup Quint. It seems like yesterday Quint was just a little puppy and now he is huge!
The second we got it in the car Graham fell asleep. For lunch I had Trader Joes pumpking Greek yogurt with a scoop of peanut butter, some apple, flax-seed, a little Love Grown granola, and a little pumpkin spice granola from Trader Joes. If you have not yet tried the pumpkin Greek yogurt drive to the nearest Trader Joes ASAP and get some. So good! I am also into this:

We have tried another flavor too. It was banana something. This is my alternative until my Trader Joes almond butter no longer has a recall.

When we got home my little cousins came over to see Graham. They then bribed me to take them to Cherry Berry (it didn’t take much). I got lemon cake frozen yogurt with white chocolate chips, mangos, graham cracker chunks, and almonds. I also added a couple candy corn on top just because I wanted to eat them separately. I need to start taking pictures! I then attempted to rake. I got about half of our front yard done and then called it quits. I finally got my butt out to run! I am still taking it easy until I jump right back into marathon training again. I ran 4 miles with a pace of 8:42. It was about 58 degrees and sunny. Perfect running weather in my mind.

After my run Aaron came home and we went to El Loro, my go to Mexican restaurant with his sister Lauren, who is home from college in Duluth. Of course I didn’t think to take a picture but I had a lot of chips and salsa, a margarita, and the taco salad. Their taco salad is fantastic, not the healthiest, it comes in a deep-fried shell and has lettuce, tomato, cheese sauce, guac, cheese, chicken, beans, and peppers. Yummo! We then went home to play with Graham and hit the hay early. Hope you have time to relax this Sunday!


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