Where did the weekend go?

My Sunday went by too fast but was spent hanging out with wonderful people (minus Aaron who had a 13 hour work day). My friend Sarah brought over Caribou coffee Sunday morning because I was making her pumpkin pancakes from this wonderful mix:

We topped them with Earth Balance, Trader Joes pumpkin butter, and syrup. I served them with some Honey Crisp apples I got from the orchard this week. It was a beautiful day in Minnesota yesterday with the high in the low 70’s! We took Graham for a 3 mile walk. We found out that 3 miles is a little much for a puppy so I had to carry him part of the way.

After my lovely morning with Sarah I went to a restaurant named Fireside to celebrate my grandparents 50th anniversary! 50 years is sure something to celebrate! The food at the restaurant was fantastic. Everyone loved their food. I had a bruschetta chicken sandwich and fries. Yum! After lunch we had cake to celebrate. Here is a picture of the cute couple 🙂

Don’t mind the terrible photography skills again! I was so full from my lunch but I still hadn’t gotten my run in. I sucked it up and ran with a full tummy. Very uncomfortable! I ended up doing 4.36 miles with a pace of 8:48. I was so happy to be able to wear shorts and a tshirt and not be freezing my butt off. When I got home from my run I worked on raking leaves with this little guy. So handsome.

I was still really full and uncomfortable from lunch so I wasn’t ready for dinner when Aaron came home. I made him a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and I had some Trader Joes Candy Cane Green Tea that I bought last winter to try and soothe my tummy. The rest of the night we just lounged around and relaxed. Have a great Monday!

Clearly I need some blog formatting tricks? Any suggestions?


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