How could I have already forgotten?

I wanted to update you on my Monday but I honestly really had to think of what I actually did. I woke up early and went to the gym. On the way I had a Luna bar. I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and Day 3 of the Jamie Eason LiveFit workout. I don’t really follow this program to the “T” but I use it whenever I go to lift weights.

Today my legs are a tad bit sore today 🙂 When I got home from the gym I had a smoothie with the following ingredients plus spinach I added at the last minute. I don’t measure otherwise I would give you guys a recipe. I just throw everything in my magic bullet. I also meant to take a picture of the results but I ate it before I realized I didn’t take a pic! After my smoothie I got ready for my half day of subbing. I subbed in a 4th grade classroom. The day went well except one of my students asked me to go to the nurse and threw up on the way. I instantly felt like I caught the flu. I have been using lots of hand sanitizer! After work I came home and walked the pup. I try to give him two  short walks a day.

Aaron and I then went grocery shopping for the week and to Party City for our costumes and some decorations for our party on Friday. I wanted to be Danny and Sandy from Grease but Aaron thought it was lame….plus he insists on wearing his Goodwill suit every year? Last year we were Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf. This year we are going to be devils. We like to plan our meals on Sunday but this week is kind of crazy with Aaron’s work schedule. We planned a couple meals but the other nights we will just eat what we find (tonight its eggs, spinach, and cheese in a tortilla). Aaron  chose the meals this week. He chose these chicken enchiladas. We have made these 3 times now and he still requests them. He also requested Jambalaya bake….I will post the recipe on a later date. Tonight we have puppy class. I’m really excited but I also get a little nervous because I don’t want Graham to be the naughty or slow puppy in the class….I’m sure I’ll be a crazy mother!


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